Water Well Video - 6 segments

Project No. 19009

2750 N Parkway Ave, Fresno CA 93722

APN 442-040-21ST

8 inch steel casing well

No oil or other fluid in well.

Groundwater at 106 feet

Bottom of Well at 132 feet

26 feet of water

About 2 yards of concrete to fill the casing

1. Start - Cold temperature made the camera lens fog on way down.


2. Lens mostly fogged. First sight of water at end of video


3. Just enters water. Develops an air bubble on lens as camera enters the water. Air bubble finally clears. No obvious oil or other fluid in well except for water. Water is fairly typical with minor floating debris.


4. In water with some floaters. Mineral scales and deposits on sidewall of well casing  below water table. Bottom of well. Not an open bottom well.


5. Still at the bottom of the well. Then camera is retracted. Mineral scales and deposits on sidewall of well casing below water table.


6. Retreating from the bottom of the water surface with wet lens.